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Postal Address: Albatross Musical Theatre Company
PO Box 752
Nowra NSW 2541
Phone (AMTC Secretary): 0432 188 507
ABN: 73 718 912 980
Bank Details:

BSB – 802 124 (Horizon Bank) and A/C No – 20674

Next AGM:  February 20, 2024 At the Youth Hall
AGM Forms – click to download: AMTC AGM Nomination Form
  Nomination of proxy
Committee for 2023 Executive: President: Merrin Ross
Vice President: Graham Dyer
Secretary: Julie Fraser
Treasurer: Greg Lloyd
General Committee: Julia Armstrong, Paul Fraser, Wendy Bilbey, Laura Turner, Luke Bizeray, Amy Barrett
Public Officer: Dennis Ross
Life Members (Past and Present): Dawn Lowe(D), Hazel Cox(D), Goldie Harvey(D), Charles Smith(D), Peter Marshall(D), Gerardine Lee, Mollie Sinclair, Marie De La Torre, Keith De La Torre(D), Merrin Ross, Dennis Ross, Rosemary Royter, Christine Bryant, John Bryant, Sandy Cliffe(D), Velma Walker, Ron Hawthorne, Max Croot
AMTC Policies:

AMTC Code of Conduct as amended Feb 2022
AMTC Privacy Policy (2018)
AMTC Child Safe Policy

AMTC Constitution Rev 2021

2 Replies to “Contact info”

  1. Do you have a mailing list? I’m a strong supporter of what AMTC does but I rarely hear what’s on (I’m very disappointed to have missed Wicked and Oliver). Some years ago I thought I’d been registered on a mailing list and expected to get news about forthcoming productions, but no news eventuated.

  2. Hi. We do not have a newsletter attached top this website. Instead, I refer you to our Facebook page – just look up AMTC, and you will find us. Thanks for your ongoing interest and support, and I recommend our AMTC Junior production, Aladdin to you, in October, and The Addams Family and November.

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