Cast – Beauty and the Beast


Babette Molly Moyes
Beast Josif Jovanovski
Belle Jacii Pavitt
Chip Cameron Mitchell
Cogsworth Pat Powell
Gaston Darren Lester
Lefou Bohdan Brumerskyj
Lumiere Brad Bulger
Madam De La Grande Bouche Olivia Corish
Maurice Ron Hawthorne
Monsieur D’Arque Luke Bizeray
Mrs Potts Anne-Marie Fanning

Full Cast and Crew List

First Surname Role in current show
Kim Allen Chorus
Catherine Apperley Chorus
John Bryant Chorus
Judi Burton Chorus
Karen Cruickshank Chorus
Caitlin Deen Chorus
Tyson Dinnie Chorus
Anthony Girdlestone Chorus
Michelle Marshall Chorus
Line Myklebust Chorus
Lacey Richardson Chorus
Catherine Skyes Chorus
Deb Thornett Chorus
John West Chorus
Caleb Wright Chorus-Dance
Jacinta Perry-Powell Chorus
Belinda Balhatchet Chorus-Silly Girl
Bronte Kent Chorus-Silly Girl
Shelby Thornett Chorus-Silly Girl
Keiran McKinnon Chorus-Young Prince-Dance-
Lauren Hay Dance
Meryl Dalton-Papalos Dance
John Pickup Dance
Lyndel Elliott Dance
Tenniel Bramble Dance – Enchantress
Kate Brumerskyj Dance
 Kellie  Andrews  Dance
Lily Hensby Dance
Nikki Papalos Dance
Tina Andrews Dance Captain
Molly Moyes Lead Babette
Josif Jovanovski Lead Beast
Jacii Pavitt Lead Belle
Cameron  Mitchell Lead Chip
Pat Powell Lead Cogsworth
Darren Lester Lead Gaston
Bohdan Brumerskyj Lead Lefou
Brad Bulger Lead Lumiere
Olivia Corish Lead Madam De La Grand Bouche
Ron Hawthorne Lead Maurice/Sets
Luke Bizeray Lead Monsieur D’Arque
Anne-Marie Fanning Lead Mrs Potts
Sandy Basham Pit Singer
Marie De La Torre Pit Singer
Ron Seymour Pit Singer
Mark Mckinnon Pit Singer
Leanne Watson Pit Singer
Merrin Ross Production/MD
Peter Copeland Production /MD Orchestra/ Conductor
Jenelle Davis Production/Choreographer
Sharon Buikstra Production/Costumes
Nicole Gorden Production/Costumes
Rosemary Royter Production/Asst Producer
Will Worthington Production/Director
Tom Johnston Production/Lighting
Bruce Sakey Production/Lighting
Luke Solway Production/Lighting
Tanya Blank Production/Makeup
Christine Bryant Production/Prompt
Keith De La Torre Production/Sets
Pat Powell Production/Sets
Trevor Ball Production/Sets/ Props
Kade O’Rourke Production/Sound
Brendan Vitiello Production/Sound
Greg Lloyd Production/Stage manager
Dennis Ross Production/Producer/Tech


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  1. Yahoooo! Well done everyone. Will be great to see you all again and meet some new people in the cast ( that I don’t know) congrats to you all you will be sensational and all the chorus and dancers can’t wait. 😉

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