JAM Working Bee

The production team and cast of AMTC’s upcoming junior production of Alice in Wonderland are working very hard as showtime is fast approaching, with 3 shows to be presented at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre in July.  In preparation, there are a LOT of sets and props that need to be prepared.  A working bee will be held this Saturday 22nd May, at the old gymnastics building in the Nowra Showground.  Anyone and everyone who would like to lend a hand, even for an hour or two, please come along.  The working bee starts at 10am, and will continue throughout the day.  Ask for Julie or Julia when you arrive, and they will find something for you to do! 

Tickets for Alice in Wonderland are on sale at through the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, with 3 shows in total presented on Friday 2nd July and Saturday 3rd July.

JAM Enrolment Form

To better accommodate all participants in JAM 2021, AMTC Committee and the JAM production team require you to complete the JAM Enrolment Form – click here.

This form will not be active until after both the JAM meetings held on Wednesday 27th January 2021 – around 7:00pm onwards.

Please read the form carefully to ensure you are aware of required commitments.

JAM Information Night

Please book in for one of the two upcoming information sessions

We have created a ticket system so we can keep up to date with numbers to ensure we are Covid safe.

We have two sessions 4pm and 5.15pm on Wednesday 27th January 2021. Please limit attendees to JAM age children only (10 – 15 years) and one parent if possible.

You know how we love having all the JAMFAM all the time, but we need to be sure we can socially distance appropriately. Please consider attending the first session if you do not have work commitments, allowing working parents to attend the second session.

And you can book your ticket RIGHT NOW … Click here!


JAM End of Year Concert

Please follow the links below to see some of the great photos taken by Dennis, capturing some of the recent JAM concert action.  

Stay tuned for more JAM and Company news for 2021.

Dress rehearsal and Show One photos – click here

Cast and crew photos – click here


JAM News

In 2021 …

We are planning to finally stage Alice in Wonderland with the JAM next July in the school holidays. The timing of the JAM production is one term earlier than in the past, so our program will be a little different. JAM usually runs 3 terms and workshops theatre skills before starting on the show preparation. Next year we will launch straight into rehearsing Alice in Wonderland. Had 2020 been a little different JAM would have started in Term 4 to be ready for July 2021! There will be an information session regarding JAM 2021 early in the year. More details to come.


Since it’s nearly Christmas, and pantomimes are traditional Christmas fare, we thought we’d explore this genre and teach the JAMdrama kids about this aspect of theatre. Julia and Paul have been preparing their scripts and casting roles. They are working on 2 short pantomimes (with no singing) and planning to perform the 2 plays live in front of an audience of JAM supporters. We will do this in conjunction with videos of other JAM kids performing songs from Christmas Musicals and then a covid safe kids party!  Details were in a previous posting.


After the cancellation of Alice in Wonderland …. JAMpactMUSICALS! was our next plan to bring live theatre back to our lives.  It was to be a concert for soloists, duets and ensemble items, all based around musical theatre items and intended to rehearse in Term 3 and 4 with a showcase in November.  JAM had 3 weeks of fabulous auditions from dancers and soloists and duets. The JAM panel were amazed at the talent they saw, so much potential… and ONCE YOU ADDED SOME ENSEMBLE NUMBERS, #JAMpactMUSICALS! would be an amazing show! But then new restrictions came out for schools –  no year groups mixing at school, no singing and no sport between kids from different regions. Unfortunately, after much discussion and proposing all possible scenarios, the production team had to make the call that although we have auditioned fabulous items, we could not feasibly start to rehearse our wonderful JAM Wednesdays and work toward an inclusive concert. SO, #JAMpactMUSICALS! did not happen. The production team made this decision with heavy hearts but we knew it was in the best interests of all to keep our JAM FAM safe.


we couldn’t let the auditioned talent go to waste so we are reinstated our JAM online concerts and introducing #JAMZOOMusicals! The auditioned talent prepared videos of their songs and we invited the public to our zoom concerts.

Before that …

We had 5? Zoom concerts… which were AMAZING! …

Before that… we had Alice info night but lockdown stopped us the day before the first rehearsal in term 1.  

JAM Christmas

Please read all of this… important link at the end.

ZooMusicalChristmas… without the Zoo… as restrictions have eased a little and the reality/difficulty of the promised combining of live performance and streaming/zooming has hit us… we are proposing a change to the original end of year plans for JAM. We have a limit on number of people in the School of Arts and a huge number are interested in attending our show. So we need 2 sessions; one from 4-5pm and the other 5-6pm on 28th Nov for watching the Christmas song videos on the big screen followed by the live pantomimes presented by the JAMdrama kids this term. This will be followed by an hour of party for the JAM kids, finishing at 7.

So many changes… sorry… this has been an evolution!

Tickets are free but everyone needs a ticket so we have the right numbers in the venue. 4-5 pm session is basically already subscribed by the parents of the performers. So the rest of the JAMfam will be invited to session 2 from 5-6pm. Then we hope some of the parents don’t mind leaving for an hour so that our performers can mingle with their JAM friends and still meet the requirements for the correct number of people in the hall. (When they are on stage, they aren’t counted as being in the hall!… oohhhh this is soooo complicated). There will be room for some parents to stay on if you want to.

Book your tickets here: https://www.trybooking.com/BMSMR

Kids staying for the party are asked to BYO “pandemic safe” party food to share. No bowls of chips, but a plate of single serve cupcakes or pre-cut slice/pizza/sausage rolls/mini quiche where someone can pick up a piece without touching other pieces is acceptable.


You will also need to “check in” with our QR code – please have the SERVICE NSW app on your phone in readiness, you need to make a Service NSW account too but you might already have one of those. If you’ve ”checked in”  anywhere else with this app its very straight forward.

Thanks, Julie Fraser, Producer

JAM Update from April

AMTC committee met today and decided that JAM, as originally planned for 2020, cannot go ahead. With great sadness we are cancelling plans to put on Alice in Wonderland in 2020. We feel more confident that we can stage the show next year. AMTC already has a booking for the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre for JULY 2021, the middle of the school holidays.
We propose to start JAM in Term 4 this year and continue work on Alice in Term 1 and 2. If a child was enrolled in JAM for 2020 and turns 16 before July 2021 (there are 5), we will make an exception for these kids to do “one more JAM”.
Julia and other members of the production team had already put in so much work this year. Our world has really changed. It is not just the children who will be disappointed at this announcement. We hope this period of uncertainty ends soon. Please make an effort to keep track of your libretto and look forward to getting to use it later this year!

2020 Show Updates

Due to the ongoing issues created by the coronavirus, a number of changes for AMTC’s schedule of shows have been made.

  • Annie’s performance dates in June / July have been cancelled.  Annie will now be on at the end of the year, in November (dates to be confirmed)
  • Jesus Christ Superstar, which was going to be in November, is being held over for 12 months, until November 2021
  • JAM dates for October remain in place, but will need to be reviewed subject to the ongoing social isolation practises put in place by the government.  Further information will be made available once known
  • We are looking for people and ideas for an April 2021 show.  Make yourself known if you are interested

JAM Suspended till Term 2

JAM HAS BEEN POSTPONED FOR THIS TERM. In light of the current advice that NON-ESSENTIAL gatherings be put off, the AMTC committee met today and has decided that JAM should not meet for the time being. Our priority is for the health of our members and production team as well as the wider community. We are confident this is the best decision for all involved. The AMTC Management Committee will reassess after Easter, taking into account advice at that time.

The JAM team are are really disappointed and we want to encourage your child’s involvement in the Arts, we hope we will be back next term. We intend to upload the script and music tracks to be available for download. We need to figure out the best way to do this. Please keep checking emails and Facebook as the situation may change.