Working With Children Check

Privacy Policy  amtc-Privacy-Policy-2018

If you are 18 or over and are involved in a show which includes children amtc requires you to provide us with a current Working With Children Check Number. It can be the free volunteer version or the paid version which you may have because of your work.

This applies to all adults in the cast, crew, orchestra and parent helpers.

AMTC needs to collect this information and verify it  as early as possible in the production cycle.

If you don’t have a WWCC number, or need to renew one, go to this web site:

If you have a WWCC number we need to verify it. We the need the following information:

Your family name (Last Name) as it appeared on the the ID you used to register for your WWCC number

Your Date of Birth

Your WWCC number

Please email your info  to: