AMTC Membership

Membership of AMTC is important, for both yourself, and the company.  For you it enables you to be a part of a show.  It gives you early access to ticket sales (and the seats of your choice).  It gives you a voice and voting rights at the AGM.  It ensures you get regular newsletters and updates, with access to important information about current and future shows.  For the company it provides a group of enthusiastic and interested  people to provide information to, and from which shows can be cast.  The AMTC committee is looking at reviewing membership procedures for the future, which will provide far more benefits to our members … so stay tuned for that.  For now membership fees are as follows:

Single Adult Membership – $20

Junior Student Membership (including Uni and TAFE students) – $10

Family Membership (for all members of the family) – $40

Membership lasts till the end of the next AGM, held each February.

Membership can be paid on line – here