The Great Australian Rock Musical

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PERFORMANCE DATES July 7, 8 and 14, 15, 16 2017

Thi is an awesome new jukebox musical featuring songs by AC/DC, Midnight Oil, Skyhooks, Dragon, Choir Boys, Daddy Cool, J.O.K. Sherbet, Ted Mulray Gang, Jet, Billy Thorpe, Rick Springfield, Divinyls, The Screaming Jets and more!

Troy and Darren Wilson, the most popular of all the shearers in town, get hitched at a bachelor and spinster ball during a game  of spin the bottle.

Kazza and Shazza become their brides. While drowning their sorrows at getting hitched Troy and Darren are informed that one of them is heir to a
multi-billion dollar sheep station called Tinbinbilla, but it is not known which one.

However all is cast into despair when it is revealed that one of the brothers was married in infancy to someone else and is now a bigamist.

??Great Australian Rock Musical Cast ??

Paul Newton – Kieran Boundy
Troy Wilson – David Harrison
Darren Wilson – Darren Lester
Karen Hogan – Adriana Mihajlovic
Sharon Walker – Tara Field
Mick Peed – Paul Fraser
Barbara Peed – Kerry Greene
Kylie Peed – Colleen Lawrence
Bob Howard – Pat Powell

Val – Julie Fraser 

1. Nick McGlynn
2. Stuart Withers
The Governess – Rachelle Brunton
Jessie’s Girl – Ben May
1. Meryl Papalos
2. Julie Fraser
3. Karen Cruickshank
Schoolies Girls –
1. Claire Honeywood
2. Nicole Matheson
3. Jemma Owen
Paul’s Mother – Bec Wall

Ashley Johns, Bec Wall, Ben May, Karen Cruickshank, Meryl Papalos, Nick McGlynn, Stuart Withers, Tony Strybis.

Dancers Ensemble – 
Imogen Clarke, Glenn Matheson, Melissa Matheson, Nicole Matheson, Tenneil Bramble.

Backing Vocalists
Deb Thornett, Graham Dyer, Jacii Pavitt.

Band – 

Bass Guitar – Kylie Spencer

Guitar – Aden Spencer

Guitar – Adam Jorgensen

Drum Kit – Greg Spencer

Clarinet – Jenny Callanan

Flute – Kris Moyes

Trumpet – Robyn Mackay

Alto Sax – Tye Langford

Keys – Margaret Bowcher

Violin – Deb Alexander

Production Team

Producer  –  Ron Hawthorne

Director  –  Ron Hawthorne

Assistant Producer –  Ben May

Musical Director  –  Mark McKinnon

Vocal Director  –  Graham Dyer

Choreographer  – Meryl Dalton / Nikki Papalos

Stage Manager  –  Greg Lloyd

Lighting  –  Bruce Sakey

Sound  –  Brendon Vitiello

Costuming  – Rosie Lake / Aimee Kenward

Props  –  Anna Partis

Set Design / Construction  –  Peter Clarke

Publicity  –  Ben May

Front of House  –  Velma Walker

Normally unseen backstage and tech crew

The crowd rocks on as the band plays the show and the season out

While Bruce makes some pretty lights